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Protect your Fob and Protect Your Car from Theft with Secure-Fob.
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On November 18, 2023, Drive-Radio, John Discussed the following tools.

NOTE: The inflator is a tool only. You need the battery and charger if you don’t have other Milwaukee tools.

Milwaukee M18 Inflator 2848-20 – Milwaukee M18 Inflator 2848-20

Milwaukee Compact InflatorMilwaukee Electric Tools 2475-20 M12 Compact Inflator

Battery Packs – Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah and 2.0 Ah Battery Packs and Charger Starter Kit 48-59-2424

Battery 2 Pack Starter Kit M18 5.0 Battery 2PK Starter Kit